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We recommend pharmaceutical grade supplements to aid your body in recovery and function such as Adrenevive, CitraNOx, Mitocore, Niacin, OrthOmega and Thyrotain.



Your personal goals can be aided by proper neutraceutical support.  However, with the supplement market flooded with products of questionable quality and efficiency, we are proud to offer ORTHO-MOLECULAR products for our patients.  Third-party tested and only available from a physician, rest assured that we endorse these products because we truly believe they are of the highest quality.

 The key to revealing your potential starts with a plan tailored to each individual this includes nutraceutical supplementation and lifestyle changes to maximize the synergistic effects of our program.


AdreneVive is formulated for those who are "stressed and wired" the blend of botanicals and key nutrients specifically formulated to cal a hyperactive stress response system and counteract the effects of daily stress. contains: L-theanine, Phosphatidylserine, ashwaganda root extract, rodiola rosea root extract, eleuthera root extract and skullcap root.


Formulated to to maintain healthy blood pressure levels by enhancing nitric oxide synthesis.  NO (nitric acid) is a potent vasodilator commonly found in pre-workout drinks.  NO has other primary health benefits other than aiding in pump amplification such as cell signaling and proper inflammatory response.  


Our recommended multi-vitamin, Mitocore fuels your body on a cellular level to help your body systems and body run at an optimal level.  lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition and prescription medications can rapidly deplete energy reserves. Mitocore's special blend produces a dramatic increase of of immune function and energy output. mitocore was formulated for immune health and essential nutrition.

Time-Release Niacin includes powerful support for cardiovascular health. This formula is a unique sustained-release tablet which allows for maximal benefit with minimal side-effects.


Finally a fish oil that won't having you smelling like last week's catch!  Orthomega® 820 is a high-purity fish oil supplement that supports cognitive function and healthy skin, joints and connective tissues. It also helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response and strengthens immune function.


Thyrotain includes a multidimensional blend of nutrients and botanicals to help maintain healthy thyroid function.