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Weight Loss and testosterone - Medications | Overcome Average

Medications we provide mostly include testosterone for men and women, HCG, lipotropic medications, Sermorelin.


Medication & Supplementation

A Brief Description of our Most Common Therapies

testosterone for men

Men are more commonly associated with having low-t because testosterone is considered a male sex hormone.  Men with low levels of testosterone may not feel the drastic effects because they've been suffering for so long.  Risk factors of low testosterone in men are: high stress work environment, expirimentation with anabolic steroids, highly toxic home or work environment, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and destructive diet. Symptoms commonly associated with low-T are lethargy, lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fat gain, muscle loss.

lipoTropic Medications

An example of this is a medication commonly known as Lipo-C.  These compounds can assist in the processing of fats by the liver, as well as assisting in the processing of fat deposits and helping in preventing the deposition of additional fat.

testosterone for women

Women naturally produce small amounts of the androgen testosterone.  although we commonly think that testosterone is only for men, it certainly has its place in the bodies of women.  Testosterone in women is responsible for increasing sexual desire and in post menopausal women, increasing the intensity of orgasms. Some risk factors for low testosterone (Low-T) in women are: recent vaginal birth, a high stress environment, chemically toxic environment.  Symptoms of low T in women are:  fatigue, irritability, lack of sex drive, lethargy, loss of muscle mass and muscle weakness.


Sermorelin is becoming increasingly popular for people interested in rejuvenation therapies.  Sermorelin works by telling the pituitary gland to secrete HGH (Human Growth Hormone).  As compared with traditional HGH therapy, it is significantly more affordable and seems to be better tolerated.  From helping with sleep to improving body composition and diminishing wrinkles, the potential benefits of this therapy are too numerous to list here.


Human Gondrotropic Hormone has made a name for itself with the increasingly popular "HCG Diet" but HCG's role goes beyond fad diets.  In men, HCG stimulates the production of sperm cells and the natural production of testosterone by the testes.


As a rapid weight-loss drug, phentermine works by decreasing appetite and revving up the metabolism.  To get the maximum benefit, this should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise.  However, a short course of any one medication can not be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle change that we advocate at OA clinics.