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As a boutique medical clinic that specializes in rejuvenation and weight management therapies, The Overcome Average Clinic has already helped countless men and women achieve their own ideal of greatness.  

Recently, Tucker Carlson of Fox News has reported "Men Seem To Becoming Less Male", and has linked this to almost an epidemic level of decreasing testosterone levels.  Although this fact is not being brought to light in the national media, there are studies showing that the average male today has on average 40 percent less testosterone than a similar man in the 1980's.  This drop in testosterone has been linked to depression, unhealthy weight gain, and decreased cognitive ability in men.





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The OA Clinic specializes in medical rejuvenation through hormone therapy and optimization.  The female clients we service are generally looking to regain a more youthful state, both physically and mentally.  As in men, women can suffer from age-related loss of lean body mass, osteoporosis, and decrease in cognitive function.  


The age-related decrease in natural testosterone production is well-documented, and the problem has only gotten worse in recent decades.  A surprisingly high number of men are being diagnosed with low testosterone, sometimes without obvious signs of deficiency.  The benefits of restoring the body to a healthy level of testosterone are numerous, including greater vitality, better mood, and enhanced physical appearance and function.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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